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What is Consciousness?


1. the state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings.
“the company failed to gain consciousness of their target audience and created a misaligned

2. a person’s awareness or perception of something.
“KPRM has helped me gain the right data to understand my market and create impactful marketing campaigns”

Sugar, spice
and everything Digitized

In the contemporary landscape, the digital realm has become the paramount avenue for fostering connections with one’s online community, all the while aligning with the evolving landscape of business practices.

KPRM Media Solutions stands as a progressive Creative Digital Agency committed to articulating the distinctive brand voice of our clients through the process of digital transformation. Our agency’s overarching mission and vision revolve around spreading creativity as a narrative for brands seeking expressive outlets, concurrently delivering exemplary services to both SMEs and corporate entities. We aspire to reshape the narrative of the African landscape, one brand story at a time.

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Kopano Moshoana

Managing Director

Kopano Moshoana is the Founder and Managing Director of KPRM Media Solutions and Sorted Virtual Assistance.

She holds a degree in Bcom Marketing Management, a Diploma in Digital Marketing and has over 6 years experience working in the Digital Marketing space. She also has a few initiatives that echo her passion around the positive impact of technology and how it can help others succeed including the clients we work with.

She is passionate about women taking up space in the Digital and Tech space as well as the concept of conscious marketing and leadership. She holds a Outstanding Leadership Award from the Marketing 2.0 Conference Organisation in Dubai Winter Edition 2022.

Siveshen Chettiar

Executive Director

Siveshen Chettiar is a goal oriented individual with the ability to give a 100% to all his commitments. This includes his involvement at the chamber.

He holds a bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture medium from AFDA and is the Executive Director of KPRM Media Solutions, a digital marketing company that he utilises to practise one of his many passions-youth empowerment.

Collaborative efforts, joined business ventures, youth empowerment and involvement perfectly describes who and what he is. A strong believer in the grooming of leaders in business that prioritise forward thinking solutions.

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